2013 Restoration


Progress as told by Rich Rhoads

Property Improvements

Curb, Gutter, and Rock Installation – The curb and gutter was put in during 2012, by Martin and Company of Oregon. Rock was hauled and graded by the City of Oregon Street Department.

Original Pavers Relaid – This summer the original pavers were relaid by Randy Travis and John O’Rorke.

Storm Window Installation – Supporters have paid for all of the storm windows for the Depot, and we hope to complete the installation work before winter arrives.

Alumni Group Returns – The faithful group of Oregon High School classmates from 1949-1952 has not missed a Depot week workout in the last 10 years. Their contributions and accomplishments have been numerous over the years. This year was no exception as they returned to do some cleaning and painting.

Additions Inside the Depot

Many historical pictures and interactive displays are being continually added inside the Depot…

Aurora Central Traffic Controller – Otto Dick and Dutch Johnson rejuvenated this unit that at one time was used to control rail traffic on the CB&Q; line through Oregon. Bells ring and lights flash on the unit.

Old Telegraph – Otto has the old telegraph operational on the original desk.

Depot Events

Wine Tasting Fundraiser – The Depot Museum’s first big event was a wine tasting fundraiser sponsored by the Oregon Schools Foundation and the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. The event was well attended and garnered much publicity for the Depot.