2015 Restoration


Progress as told by Rich Rhoads

Depot Organizational News

Current Board of Directors – Roger Cain, President; Rich Rhoads, Vice President; Skip Johnson, Treasurer; Bonnie Hendrickson, Secretary; Otto Dick, Museum Curator; Dave Head

Property Improvement News

The storm windows were all installed by volunteers in 2014 and match the original windows. The attic insulation was also completed the same year, and we have seen great improvements in reducing our carbon footprint.

Planning is underway to add a train viewing platform on the lot immediately west of the Depot property. It will have a steel supported metal roof and resemble passenger platforms seen in the past, adjacent to train depots throughout the Midwest. The Oregon Depot never had a covered platform, but this will be a nice addition as shown in the concept picture. Memorial benches will be available for purchase in the future. This train viewing platform will also serve as a rest stop for the regional bicycle trail. The City of Oregon has budgeted funds for a large portion of the cost along with steel and fabrication being provided by F.N. Smith Corp. and E.D. Etnyre & Co. The goal is to have the platform completed by Fall 2016. Roger Cain and David Head have the lead on this project.

Otto Dick installed a small kitchen area in the NE corner of the freight room in order to have coffee and cold drinks available when needed. He also arranged to have window shades installed in the south, east, and west facing windows to keep the sun from fading woodwork and displays. The tan colored fabric shades blend well with the Depot’s interior.


Depot Museum News

The Depot Museum is open every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. until noon. Curator Otto Dick is on hand to greet visitors and answer questions. Secretary Bonnie Hendrickson has researched and assembled a large collection of newspaper pictures and articles of our local veterans that passed through the Depot on their way to serve. Veterans from World War I, II, Korea and Vietnam are included.

Museum displays are ever changing as Otto discovers more material. The general public provides newly discovered Depot related pictures and collectibles as they clean out attics and basements.